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Stay Cool in the Florida Heat

Having trouble keeping cool on those ultra-hot and humid days? Not to worry, as we at Vista BMW Coconut Creek can help you with your AC service—in fact, our factory-trained and certified technicians know the complexities of your specific heating and air conditioning system in your BMW model, whether you cruise in a stylish Z Series or you enjoy the luxurious side of life in a 7 Series (or anything in between). Don’t let those toasty Florida days block you from enjoying a comfortable commute to places like Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale; instead, schedule AC repairs and service at Vista BMW Coconut Creek near Coral Springs, FL, today, and get back to enjoying those cool breezes accompanying your rides.

Do You Really Need to Schedule AC Service?

Even though a fully functioning AC isn’t technically needed to max out your performance or get your car from point A to point B, wouldn’t you want to stay cool on ultra-hot/muggy days? You know how warm the weather gets near Delray Beach even outside the summer months, so you might as well maximize your luxury by blasting out artic-like breezes to help you avoid embarrassing sweat stains or overheating on your way to ultra-important meetings, appointments, or even grocery runs and highway cruises.

Try These Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Your AC in Good Shape

For starters, schedule AC service every two years or so—even if your rides don’t feel like they’re lacking cool breezes from your vents. When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll help refresh your cooling system with gas and lubricants to keep everything moving as intended. Plus, we can take a look at your hoses and inner system parts to make sure there are no leaks or damage that requires urgent attention.

Aside from taking your vehicle to us, let your air conditioning run at least once a week (even when the temperatures aren’t setting record-highs). By powering on your AC for 10 or more minutes on the coolest and highest fan setting, you’ll keep your gas pressure high while essentially reminding your compressor to keep working, which helps reduce issues. Also, run your defrost mode for 5-10 minutes occasionally to help reduce the buildup of mildew, mold, and excess moisture—this step not only helps your cold air circulate more efficiently but can also help expel any repulsive and foul scents from your cabin.

Getting to the Bottom of It All: What Causes AC issues?

When it comes to faulty AC systems, leaks are one of the most common culprits our technicians need to repair. Sometimes, the leak results from a loose fitting or hose, but sometimes, your seals can also loosen up and prevent your cool air from ever entering your cabin. Other times, the issue is more serious, like a literal hole in your condenser, which is easily fixed with a replacement.

When it’s not a leak, debris can also block your chilled air from entering your cabin—especially when dirt covers your condenser. Other times, your cabin air filter builds up too much dust and dirt that you’ll not only feel less cool air than normal, but your cabin can even become infested with musky odors if not taken care of—this is especially common when you also get a buildup of mold and mildew on your evaporator.

Another common culprit is when your cooling fans receive too much damage—often caused by debris on the road, like pebbles and rocks. When your fans can’t work properly, your condenser won’t feel the cooling it needs, which results in your interior cabin only receiving hot air (if any air at all). Usually, a quick fan replacement can restore your breezy and comfortable rides within a few minutes.

Know the Signs: Symptoms of a Faulty AC System

Not sure when you’ll need AC service? No worries—your cruiser will usually let you know with obvious signs, like when you don’t feel cold air coming out of your vents when you maximize the fan and cooling settings. The reason you’re not feeling the cold air could be anything from a buildup of mold to a loose hose—either way, schedule service, and our technicians will help take care of the problem.

Other times, you’ll hear weird noises when you drive—like a loud squealing sound. The reason for this is your compressor pulley wearing out, so you’re hearing the sound of grinding metal, which is not pleasant. When your cabin filter needs a replacement, you’ll also hear a whistling sound of cold air trying to enter your cabin—but oftentimes, It’s blocked by a buildup of dust and debris. Thankfully, a filter replacement takes only a few minutes, so you’ll be back on the road enjoying your cool air in almost no time.

Lastly, do you notice pools of water under your dash after using your AC? This is usually a sign of blocked drains, so take your ride into our service center, and we’ll help unclog or reinstall the proper components to help keep your drives dry and cool at the same time.

Stop by Your BMW Coconut Creek Service Center

Tired of warm and muggy rides ruining your luxurious and sporty drives? Schedule BMW AC service at Vista BMW Coconut Creek today, and our technicians will work their hardest to help restore your cool breezes in your cabin for an ultra-comfortable ride. While you’re here, we dedicate our time and services to you—so feel free to ask any questions that pop into mind or inquire about other maintenance, as we’re always happy to help you—It’s the start of how we step up as your local BMW service center.

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