Where to Get New Brakes for Your BMW in Coconut Creek, Fl?

Where to Get New Brakes for Your BMW in Coconut Creek, Fl?

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Your BMW is a high performance machine, and while it features many important components to rocket you forward, its brakes are just as vital when it comes to bringing you to a stop. When you step on the brake pedal, you want the assurance that you’ll be brought to a brisk stop, especially in emergency situations. Nothing is worse than needing your brakes and a problem that has been lingering hinders you from coming to a stop when needed. This same caution applies when using generic or off brand brake pads and rotors. Here at Vista BMW, you never have to worry whether or not your brake pad components will perform the way you need them to because you will have total peace of mind. Our technicians are factory trained and highly certified, and they use only genuine BMW parts to ensure that your brakes perform as they should when you need them most. Let’s explore your brake system and why it’s important to always go for Genuine BMW parts; because when it’s an emergency and you need to stop, there are no second chances.

Let’s Talk About Your Brake System

Your brake system consists of many parts that all come together and work in harmony to bring your vehicle to a stop when you need it. In short, when you depress your brake pedal, a master cylinder puts hydraulic pressure to your brake calipers through fluid in your brake lines. Your brake calipers then put pressure on your brake pads, which then make contact to your brake rotors to bring your vehicle to stop.

As you brake, your brake pads come in contact with the rotors which creates friction and causes the pads and rotors to wear thinner. Brake pads are most often made from a semi-metallic friction material which makes them durable, but excess heat makes them less effective, which is a term known as brake fade. To combat brake fade, some vehicles feature front rotors with cross drilled holes for increased heat dissipation and better brake performance.

So When Do You Do Something?

You may not know if your brakes are wearing thin, but if you listen closely and look for the tell tale signs, your brake system will tell you everything you need to know. Excess squeaking, squealing, or grinding are all tell tale signs that it’s time for brake service.

Brake pads typically need to be replaced every 20,000 miles, while their spinning counterpart, the rotor, only needs to be replaced every 50,000-70,000 miles. Your rotors will generally wear with one another and may need to be replaced in pairs or all four at the same time.

Whatever type of brake service you may need, you can rest assured that our service department here at Vista BMW is able to provide. Whether you need a fluid flush, brake pad replacement, or rotor replacement, trust the technicians here at our service department to get the job done using Genuine BMW parts that not only provide your vehicle with optimal stopping power but also the quality and longevity you’d expect.

Why Flush Your Brake Fluid?

Your brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid that is responsible for delivering pressure to your brake pads when you depress the brake pedal. The reason that brake fluid needs to be changed periodically is because brake fluid is hygroscopic. This means that the fluid in your brake lines attracts moisture. Because the components in your brake system are composed of metal parts, moisture in the lines can cause corrosion and the premature replacement of vital brake parts.

Superior Brake Service Awaits

At Vista BMW, we are experts at auto repair and service. Whether you need brake service or more extensive brake repairs, you can trust the experts here at our service center. At Vista Motors, we serve the Miami area faithfully by providing quality service and repairs along with outstanding customer service. Whether your brakes are making a slight squeaking noise, or if you’re grinding on metal, trust the experts here at our service center to keep your car ready for the road.

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