Where to Get Your Cabin and Engine Filter Replaced in Coconut Creek, FL?

Where to Get Your Cabin and Engine Filter Replaced in Coconut Creek, FL?

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Exploring the Often Overlooked Service

At Vista BMW, we strive to provide your BMW with the total attention and care that it needs to thrive. This fine attention to detail means that we can provide services as complex as a complete engine rebuild, down to the simplest components such as your cabin and engine filter. Though an air filter may seem like the most minuscule component of your vehicle, it is vitally important to ensure that your engine only breathes in clean air to prevent damage, along with a host of other benefits. Cabin air filters work to protect your lungs in the same way that they protect your engine; they protect you from breathing in harmful airborne irritants like pollen and debris. If your BMW needs air filter service, trust the experts here at Vista BMW to ensure that both you and your BMW breathe fresh, clean air.

Your BMW Has More than One Filter

Your BMW has two filters, a cabin filter and an engine air filter. When you receive a cabin and filter service, you receive both filters to ensure that you and your BMW are breathing in fresh air.

When you turn on your vehicle’s HVAC system, fresh air from outside is inducted through a cabin air filter before it is either heated or cooled and blown into the cabin at the speed of your choosing. Your cabin air filter is important because it is tasked with the removal of harmful and bothersome airborne particles, shielding you from the irritants of the outside world. With a clogged or polluted air filter, your BMW would not be able to properly and adequately filter air pollutants, which would cause you to breathe in unpleasant air. You may or may not notice yourself sneezing, coughing or wheezing from the air that’s circulating through your BMW, especially if you have allergies or asthma.

Your engine has a similar sensitivity, needing fresh clean air to operate efficiently. If your engine air filter is clogged or, it won’t be able to perform as designed due to the lack of clean air that’s being starved from the engine. While your engine may not cough, it may wheeze. Rather than choking, your engine will draw in more fuel to make up for the lack of air. The result may be decreased performance along with decreased fuel economy.

Here at Vista BMW, a cabin and engine filter service gives you and your BMW protection from dust, dirt, pollen, and more.

Why Change Your Filters?

Getting a regular cabin and engine filter service ensures that you don’t breathe in dirty air, including pollutants like exhaust gases from other vehicles. Your BMW cabin air filter is designed to improve the air quality conditions inside of your vehicle, ensuring that you breathe in fresh clean air, even if you’re traveling from a high pollutant area. If you have asthma, if you suffer from allergies, or even if you don’t consider yourself a sensitive person, keeping your cabin air filter can help prevent your lungs from inhaling harmful air.

Getting a regular filter change for your engine means that it intake the clean air that it needs to perform optimally. Clean air filters not only prevent harmful particles from entering your engine’s intake manifold, but it prevents harmful particles from disrupting the air/fuel ratio and altering the combustion cycle. Dirty air filters cause your engine to inject extra fuel into the combustion chamber, known as “running rich”. An engine that runs rich not only burns more fuel, but it also creates added carbon deposits within the engine. Added carbon tends to hold heat and cause premature engine breakdown, which could drastically shorten the life of your engine.

Here at Vista BMW we not only provide trustworthy cabin and engine filter service, but we also use Genuine BMW parts. Using OEM parts is the only way we can ensure that both you and your engine receive fresh air you both deserve.

How Often to Change Your Filters?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s recommended that you change your engine’s air filters every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. As far as cabin air filters go, it’s recommended to change your cabin air filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. However, this is a rule of thumb and your exact intervals will vary based on your particular environment and driving conditions. If you travel across dirt roads or environments with lots of sand, you may need filters changed more often. Nevertheless, bring your BMW into our service center here at Vista BMW and allow our technicians to check out the condition of your BMW’s air filters. Staffed with the finest technicians and state of the art equipment, we’d be glad to quickly and easily change out your filters for you.

Use the Best for Your BMW

At Vista BMW, we know how important it is to keep your cabin and engine air filters clean. We also know how important it is for your BMW to use factory filters to maintain the same level of air filtration that both you and your vehicle demand. Whether you drive a 2020 BMW X5, a BMW M5 or any of the BMW models, trust the experts here at Vista BMW to ensure that your vehicle filters air the way it’s intended to.

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