What Should You Do If Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

What Should You Do If Your Check Engine Light Comes On?

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Your BMW is a high performance machine packed with state of the art technology, but when your check engine light comes on, you can’t trust just anyone to diagnose and repair your vehicle. An illuminated check engine light is your vehicle’s way of telling you that it needs attention, and not just anyone is equipped to diagnose, service and repair the state of the art technology in your BMW. Here at Vista BMW, our technicians are factory trained and highly certified to handle everything related to your BMW. Our service center is stocked with state of the art equipment to ensure that your BMW is diagnosed and repaired properly the first time. Come with us as we explore your BMW check engine light and what you should do if it comes on.

Are there Different Types of Check Engine Lights?

Your BMW is equipped with various warning lights to help give you a sense of when one of its many components are operating abnormally, or have stopped working altogether. Your check engine light means that something involving your engine and its efficient operation is amiss.

A consistently illuminated check engine light means that you should bring your BMW into our service center at your earliest convenience. The culprit could be something as minor as a loose gas cap or an oxygen sensor, or something more serious like the VANOS system or major engine component. When your check engine light turns on, you may or may not notice a decrease in performance, but it is still important to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible to reduce the risk of your vehicle becoming disabled from a problem that has lingered.

A flashing check engine light is a more serious issue, and is your BMW’s way of letting you know of a more urgent matter. While your check engine light flashes you most likely will notice a change in performance due to the fact that your vehicle is detecting a problem with a major component of its powertrain. This abnormal performance may include engine misfiring, or engine stalling. Later model BMWs are equipped with “Limp Mode” that will automatically engage if a major malfunction is detected. This mode helps protect your vehicles components by reducing power and allowing you to “limp” to the nearest BMW repair shop.

At Vista BMW, we not only feature the proper equipment to decipher your vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes, but we also feature the staff to get the repairs done properly. In addition, our technicians use Genuine BMW parts to ensure that your repairs come with assurance and peace of mind.

What Happens if You Do Nothing?

Leaving your check engine light illuminated and not seeking to remedy the problem right away could cause further damage to your vehicle, or leave you stranded at the worst time. Since a check engine light does not tell you exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, a lingering check engine light could mean costly future repairs. For example, a failing or malfunctioning alternator may cause your check engine light to illuminate, but for a period of time, your vehicle may run normally. However, since your alternator is tasked with recharging your battery, you are running on borrowed time. At any given moment, especially at night with the added use of electronics such as headlights, your vehicle is likely to become disabled. This can be prevented by bringing your vehicle to Vista BMW at the first sight of this warning light. If your check engine light, or any of your vehicle’s warning lights are on, bring your BMW to our service center here at Vista BMW and trust our experts to get your BMW back in perfect working order.

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