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BMW i3 Info and Overview

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  BMW i3 Owner Video Overview


BMW i3 Overview 2:46
BMW i3 Introduction 1:02
BMW i3 Owner's Manual 1:41
BMW i3 Bluetooth Pairing iPhone 1:24
BMW i3 Bluetooth Pairing Android 1:25
BMW i3 Navigation 1:36
BMW i3 Voice Control: Navigation 0:45
BMW i3 Voice Commands: Points of Interest Search 1:01
BMW i3 Voice Recognition 1:13
BMW i3 Voice Command: Take Me Home 0:40
BMW i3 Steering Wheel Drive Selector 1:53
BMW i3 Start/Stop: Starting the vehicle 1:07
BMW i3 Climate Controls 2:14
BMW i3 Cup Holders and Interior Storage 1:11
BMW i3 Battery Performance in ambient temperatures 0:31
BMW i3 Battery Warranty and Life Expectancy 0:44
BMW i3 Maintenance Requirement 1:05
BMW i3 Battery Class 0:28
BMW i3 Residential Charging 1:16
BMW i3 Charging Colors 0:55
BMW i3 How to Open the Hood 0:35
BMW i3 How to Open the Tailgate 0:19
BMW i3 Front Storage Compartment Under the Hood 0:16
BMW i3 Glove Box 0:12
BMW i3 Passenger Doors 0:20
BMW i3 Rear Seat Adjustment 0:19
BMW i3 Rear Headrests 0:16
BMW i3 Rear Shelf 0:21
BMW i3 Fuel Charging Flap 0:12
BMW i Navigation System: Range Map Explanation and Activation 0:45
BMW i Navigation System: Range Contours Display 0:33
BMW i Navigation System: Missing Connectivity 0:18
BMW i Navigation System: Range Map Display 0:37
BMW i Navigation System: Range Assistant Out of Range Notification 1:27
BMW i Navigation System: ECO PRO Route 0:58
BMW i Navigation System: Charging Station List 0:27
BMW i Navigation System: Accessing Charging Station Display 1:38
BMW i Navigation System: Charging Station Status 0:37
BMW i Navigation System: Intermodal Information 0:30
BMW i Navigation System: Public Transportation Routing 0:25
BMW i Navigation System: Charging Icon Display 0:51
BMW iRemote App: Log In 0:37
BMW iRemote App: Status Screen Overview 1:16
BMW iRemote App: Remote Services 0:22
BMW iRemote App: Weekly Planner Settings 1:00
BMW iRemote App: Efficiency Screen Overview 1:05
BMW iRemote App: Mobility Screen Overview 1:08
BMW iRemote App: Range Map 0:53
BMW iRemote App: App Settings 0:21
BMW iRemote App: Intermodal Routing 0:36
BMW i3 Instrument Cluster 2:13
BMW: Reduced Carbon Footprint 0:52
BMW: Renewable Resources 1:51
BMW: Sustainability 2:08
BMW i3 Interior and Exterior Storage 2:24
BMW i3 Efficient Battery Use 4:11
BMW: Charging Your BMW i3 3:59
BMW: How to Remove and Store Removable Cup Holder 0:22
BMW: AM Radio Alternatives (FM HD, Sirius Radio, BMW Apps) 1:27
BMW: How to Adjust Level 1 Charging Settings Using the iDrive 1:15
BMW: How to Adjust Level 2 Charging Settings Using the iDrive 1:02
BMW: How to Set Charging Times Using the iDrive System 0:43
BMW: i3 Battery Performance: Real World Electric Range 2:09
BMW i3 DC Fast Charging 1:34
BMW i3 Public Charging ChargeNow Card 1:20
BMW i3: One Pedal Drive 2:30
BMW: Public Charging using ChargeNow Card

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