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What to Do If Your BMW Has a Recall?

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Where to Cover BMW Recall Service in Coconut Creek

Did you recently get that notification about a recall on your BMW? Worry not, as our technicians at Vista BMW Coconut Creek are ready for the job—whether it’s fixing your airbags, solving an electrical issue, and much more. Plus, all our mechanics are factory-trained, meaning they know the differences between a BMW 5 Series, an X5, an M5, and virtually everything else from the brand (along with how to make precise repairs to help get you safely back on the road quickly). Don’t delay your recall service—instead, stop by Vista BMW Coconut Creek, and we’ll work our hardest to return you to your drives in record time.

Are Recalls Important/Serious?

In most cases, recalls are ultra-critical to helping your rides remain safe. In fact, a recall, by definition, involves BMW or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determining a component in your vehicle either fails to meet safety standards or poses a safety risk to you. Thus, you’ll want to get these repairs taken care of as soon as possible, otherwise, you’re potentially jeopardizing your health.

Keep in mind that you have virtually nothing to lose with this service since recalls are free. By law, BMW must pay for recall fixes to its vehicles, which means you won’t owe us a dime when we make any related fixes.

Covering the Basics: Knowing When Your Ride Needs a Recall

Most of the time, you’ll receive a first-class letter in the mail letting you know of the recall information and how it impacts your safety—however, note that this mail will only be sent to the address of your registered car, so, if it’s not your current address, you might miss out on this notification (meaning you’ll want to make sure all your info is up to date). However, not to worry if you didn’t receive anything in your mailbox, as you can also visit the NHTSA website and check your vehicle’s 17-character VIN under the “Safety Issues & Recalls” section. Even better, this online tool only informs you of unrepaired recalls—so if you (or a previous owner) already solved the issue, it won’t show up here, saving you hours and helping you to continue cruising with confidence. Also, remember that this tool only works for American models from the last 15 years—meaning any potential problems with your classics and German imports won’t appear here. Instead, you’ll need to call the Vehicle Safety Hotline (888-327-4236) to find any information on safety defects or issues on your imported vehicles.

Why Does Your Car Need a Recall?

Even if you drive safely, a recall can occur at any time since it’s a defect from the factory—not from you. Design defects are among the most common reasons for recalls, which has historically included airbags that can’t inflate properly (and present an explosion risk) or batteries that risk igniting. In the past, vehicles have even been issued recalls for transmission issues like a missing bolt on the endcap, which leads to leaks or faults with inconsistent acceleration, which can become dangerous when you attempt to merge into an open highway spot or try to turn at a busy intersection.

Alongside design defects, electrical issues can also pop up, which can leave room for excess corrosion and even present flammability risks when your wiring isn’t installed correctly. The same problems occur when your motor isn’t installed correctly, especially since your engine processes many gasses and liquids that can become flammable when mixed. Whatever the issue with your recall, you’ll want to cover it as soon as possible before your vehicle becomes hazardous on the road.

Your BMW Recall Service Center: Next to Boca Raton

Are you in the Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, or surrounding area and received a notification about your vehicle needing a fix? Not to worry—instead, schedule BMW recall service at Vista BMW Coconut Creek, near Delray Beach, and our technicians will work their hardest to resolve the listed issue free of charge. While you’re here, your concerns and needs come first, so, feel free to ask any questions that come to mind or request suggestions for helping your vehicle run at its finest—it’s only the start of how we step up as your local BMW service center.

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