How Does the BMW Lease Return Program Work?

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Buyer signing BMW lease return program

How Does the BMW Lease Return Program Work?

Leasing a BMW

There are two ways to acquire a BMW. You can purchase it, or you can lease it from your trusted BMW dealership.

For many drivers, a car lease is an excellent option because they have lesser monthly payments and no car maintenance and service fees to worry about during the lease period. They also can upgrade to a better model or buy their leased BMW when the lease period expires.

If you have leased a BMW or are thinking of leasing one, you need to know essential information on what to expect when it’s time to return your car.

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Returning Your Leased BMW

Return your leased BMW at the end of your lease agreement with ease by following these five steps:

1. Schedule an appointment for your complimentary pre-inspection by contacting your preferred BMW dealership or access your My BMW account online. The BMW Financial Services will notify you when it’s time to schedule your pre-inspection.

2. Access your pre-inspection summary report at your My BMW. The report will give you information on suggested repairs and estimated charges, if any, upon return. It will also tell you if you’ve exceeded your mileage limit. You can avail of discounted rates if you’ve exceeded your mileage limit by enrolling in the BMW Mileage Adjustment Program.

3. Bring your BMW to your preferred BMW dealership should it need extra repairs. This step guarantees your BMW dealership will install authentic BMW parts, and you don’t have to worry about paying extra at the end of the lease contract for using unapproved car parts.

4. Schedule your final inspection and vehicle return by contacting your preferred BMW dealership. During your appointment to return your BMW, expect to sign a Federal Odometer Statement confirming your vehicle return.

5. Check the status of your vehicle return by accessing your My BMW online. You will see your Vehicle Return Statement so you can view if you need to make extra payments or if you’re due for a refund. The statement will be sent to you within three weeks after you have turned in your leased BMW.

Get Extra Protection

BMW offers the BMW Lease Protection Program to drivers who want to save more on extra payments at the end of the lease term from excess wear and damage. Check if your BMW has a Lease Protection Program before you return your leased vehicle.

If you plan to extend your lease contract or would like to lease a BMW in the future, talk to your customer service representative at your preferred dealership about the BMW Lease Protection Program. You may also visit your My BMW for more details.

Lease Specials and More

Returning your BMW is easy. Just know how the lease-end process works, follow the steps, and you are good to go.

If you need assistance on how to return your leased BMW or go through the process of leasing a BMW for your next car acquisition, stop by our BMW dealership, and we’ll be more than glad to help you. We’ll also let you know about lease specials available to you so you can take advantage of more perks and savings.

Visit the Vista BMW Coconut Creek Dealership to learn more about the BMW Lease Return Program today!

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