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Where To Get Your Coolant System Flushed Near Ft. Lauderdale?

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Get Ready for the Summer…with a Coolant Flush Service

Notice your motor getting too hot in the Florida heat? At South Motors BMW, we can help with this issue with a coolant flush to help cool your ride down. Best of all, all our services are performed by certified and factory-trained professionals who know the differences between an M model motor and an x6 engine—and they’re also trained to make any necessary repairs with swift precision. So, help stop your overheating issues today by scheduling coolant flush service at Vista BMW Coconut Creek near Delray Beach today.

The Ultimate Reason You’ll Want a Coolant Flush

To cover the basics, your coolant (also called antifreeze) helps your radiator remain cooled (ultra-critical in warm environments like the Fort Lauderdale area)—just like the name implies. However, like most fluids, your coolant gains a build-up of debris and contaminants over time, which can cause corrosion on your radiator, which leads to cooling issues like overheating on the highway on your commute to somewhere close like Coral Springs (or a place not conveniently nearby). Thus, the main reason you’ll want to schedule a coolant flush service involves literally flushing out these problematic contaminants by applying a special cleaner, water, and new coolant. Along with cleaning out your system, you’ll also clear rust from your radiator and lubricate your pump to help with avoiding future leaks and reducing corrosion to assist in preventing cooling issues.

How Do You Know It’s Time for a Coolant Flush?

The obvious sign you’ll need to change your fluids is when your vehicle literally overheats—but most importantly, you’ll want to schedule service so that our technicians can ensure the problem is simply contaminants in your coolant and not something more serious. If you’re not experiencing temperature issues with your engine, check for leaks under your car when you’re parked—if a fitting comes loose, your vehicle can start leaking antifreeze, which can lead to heating issues soon. Also, don’t be afraid to pop your hood and take a literal look at your coolant to search for debris and corrosion. Other times, you won’t even need to check your fluids since you’ll see steam and smell weird scents emitting from your motor-area, indicating it’s time for a radiator flush before more serious issues emerge.

Should You Schedule Coolant Flushes Often?

This answer depends entirely on your driving style—but the rule of thumb for casual driving is every 100,000 miles/five years (whichever comes first). However, there’s nothing wrong with playing it safe and asking our technicians to take a look at your coolant condition every 30,000 miles/annually to make sure everything is working as intended.

What Causes Your Coolant to Leak/Fail?

All it takes is a small malfunction in your water pump to cause your coolant to stop cooling your motor since your pumps work with your serpentine belts like a pulley system to circulate the fluids. Thus, any minor damage or kinks can result in leaks and blocks that eventually result in your engine overheating.

When the leaks aren’t in your water pump, check your hoses or your radiator. Since both these components play a major role in sending liquids to your engine to cool it off, any leak in between won’t allow your coolant to reach your motor, which explains why you can end up stranded on the side of the road with your temperature gauge maxed out.

Other times, the issue involves your thermostat, which regulates your temperatures and controls the coolant that enters your motor—when your engine gets hot, your thermostat lets in antifreeze for near-instant cooling. However, if your thermostat falsely detects your engine is cold, it won’t allow in as much coolant (if any at all), which causes temperatures in your motor to rise rapidly, leading to overheating.

Your Stop for Coolant Flush Service Near Boca Raton

Ready to help put a stop to your vehicle’s overheating issues today? Schedule your coolant flush service online today at Vista BMW Coconut Creek, and our technicians will assist in cleaning out your cooling system and letting you know if there are any problems with your pumps, belts, etc. While you’re here, let us know your questions and concerns, as your needs always come first at our BMW service center.

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